‘The Walking Dead’ starts its seventh season out with a bang

Liz Moeller, Staff Writer

Warning: Contains major spoilers for “The Walking Dead” season 7 premiere and mild spoilers for following episodes.

Seven is no longer a lucky number when it comes to one of the most beloved zombie TV shows in the past decade. Our favorite survivors in the last season finale were facing down the barrel of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille, and at least one character would suffer beneath her blow. Now fast forward through all the theories and the silence of all involved, and season 7 answered our worst fears.

Not one, but two characters were killed. If you were anywhere close to social media or grieving college students in the past two months, you would already know who these sad souls are; Abraham and Glenn. They were smashed by Negan, a villain first introduced in the comics who just made his premiere appearance in the season finale of last season. Now it’s easy to assume that there is a burning hatred for Negan for killing off one of the very first characters we came to love.

After that chilling episode that left our normally deadly Rick Grimes to cowering on the ground mumbling incoherently, things have been less than ideal. This season is revolving around the idea of unpredictability, even more so than most other seasons. Negan himself is unpredictable and he takes pride in that. What’s more is that the group has been separated once more, with a beloved fan favorite tortured by Negan and his survivors to work for him, and others sheltering at the Hilltop, which makes waiting for next episodes extremely painful.

Not only are characters separated by distance, but many are turning their backs to each other. Some wish to take Rick out of leadership, and others simply want to take him out period. Some are angry for what Negan has done and are planning vengeance, while others focus on bringing what Negan desires to avoid any more death. It is already easy to see that Negan is not bothered to kill the men of the group, having killed Glenn in more of an afterthought from Daryl striking Negan as a way to revolt against him.

Negan is a stickler for his rules, and he is oddly gentlemanlike, even if it’s through brutality. The Saviors may be ruthless, but are also loyal to Negan, if not to avoid the consequences of betrayal by receiving “the iron.” The midseason finale will take place at 8 p.m. on Sunday, with a marathon of all TWD episodes starting Friday morning just in case you need a quick run-through and refresher. With this 90-minute finale, the strain on our group of survivors has never been worse, and it is only a matter of time before something, or someone, snaps.