Emerging Wayne State College poets create Anthology

Zee Elmer, Staff Writer

Members of the Wayne State College writing club have come together to create a collection of poetry for emerging Nebraska poets. The anthology titled, ‘Flat Water Stirs,’ is being produced by a team of editors comprised of Stephanie Hempel, Derek Pufahl, Thadd Simpson, Courtney Upah, Liz Ziska, Stephanie Marcellus and Chad Christensen.

The idea for the anthology was from writing club president, Stephanie Hempel.

“Stephanie [Marcellus] and I sat on a couch after one of our first writing club meetings and decided there are too many old, grumpy Nebraska authors,” Hempel said. “We wanted to bring more diversity in. Also, it’s Nebraska’s 150th birthday so we thought it was the perfect timing.”

All of the students working on the anthology are from the WSC writing club, which meets Mondays at 4 in the Humanities lounge.

“Everyone that is involved now is from writing club and was really excited about this idea and wanted to help out,” Upah said.

While the theme is about Nebraska, submissions are not limited to only authors born and raised in the state.

“Anyone with connections to Nebraska is welcome to submit,” Upah said. “Whether you’re going to Wayne State, or you were born here or even if you just have relatives here. Personally, I’m just excited to see what people are going to put out there and see all of their different styles.”

While the anthology is only taking poetry submissions, Upah said the editors do not have a specific style or structure they are looking for and welcome all forms to be submitted. The editors are also encouraging everyone interested to submit, emphasizing that “Flat Water Stirs” is geared more towards undiscovered or unpublished writers from all over Nebraska.

“I’m most excited about the release part,” Hempel said. “When it’s done we want to spread it out across the state and try to promote it over the summer. We’ve talked to only one book store about housing it but we want to do more. And holding it, too, to see all our hard work come to life.”

Submissions for the anthology closes Dec. 31, but the editors may be extending that deadline for anyone who wants to submit. To submit, go to wscpress.submittable.com/submit/69487/the-flat-water-stirs-an-anthology-of-emerging-nebraska-poets, or contact Stephanie Marcellus at [email protected] with any questions. Once the anthology is complete, it will be published through the WSC Press and distributed around the state, and online.