Voir Dire: Goodnight and good luck


Pam Everett

When I drove over the hill into Wayne five years ago, with humid, wafting feedlot odors intensifying an already high level of culture shock, I wasn’t sure how long I would last.

But the chance to teach is what brought me here and my students have made these five years possible—and unforgettable.

I can’t even begin to say thank you but I’m going to try.

To Hunter: Several years ago I was ready to head back West when you came in for pre-Fall advising. Your enthusiasm about studying Criminal Justice was infectious.

It’s been wonderful watching you work so hard in and out of the classroom, showing great maturity and resilience—even when your Broncos lost the Snore Bowl. Thank you for everything. Knock ‘em dead at the academy.

J. Scott: Remember that talk we had. Remember the part about your talents and your potential. And remember lessons from the links: Do Not Underclub. Grab the big dog and swing outta your shoes.

Cody O: A wise old professor once told me to quit worrying because no matter where you land after graduation, you’ll be a success.

And now I pass on that wisdom to you because the same is true. You are the real deal and your high standards and talents will take you wherever you want to go.

Thank you for always taking the time to stop by. I’ll sure miss those visits.

Haley: Please invite me to the ceremony when you are sworn in to the US Supreme Court. Yes, you are that good.

Thank you for making me want to raise the bar each and every semester and for reminding me of what being humble is all about. I will not wish you luck because you don’t need it. Just be sure to smell the roses along your successful path.

Payton: I was so glad to see you back this semester. Stay with it. And after you’ve made it—or even while you’re getting there—go inspire some kids. With your smarts and that hair, there’s nowhere to go but far.

Wendy Slo-Poke: There are no words. You are amazing. Get your education and then get out there and change some more lives.

I am so grateful you shared your incredible energy with me and our classes. Thank you.

Corbin: What a joy to see you realizing just how smart and capable you are. Thank you for making my last semester of Criminal Law here such a pleasure and for always—and I mean always—having the right answer.

Tanner: Light the legal world on fire. Assuming you don’t expire in a body-mangling rugby accident, you will be an incredible attorney, but mostly a fantastic person.

Thank you for making me want to come to work everyday.

Whitney: I’ll miss you barging into my office without knocking and torturing me with stuff on your giant phone.

We only had one semester together but that’s enough for me to see what I’m sure others do.

Keep asking questions and finding answers. And follow your heart.

Amanda and Keith: Seriously. What can I possibly say?

Thank you for entrusting me with part of your education. Thank you for inspiring me each and every class. Go Niners. Go Saints. Go Barbie & Ken! Make every day count.

The list goes on—Dalton, Kelsie, Nelson, Jake, the several Austins, all the great TRiO students and everyone else.

Thank you for sharing part of life’s journey with me and for making the last five years the experience of a lifetime.