End of the royal campaign trail

Adrian Eggers, Staff Writer

As Wayne State closes the chapter on another Homecoming Week, we cannot forget about honoring the 2016 Homecoming Royalty winners.
The king and queen winners for this year were Brett Quick and Hannah Smith.
“I felt honored to win,” homecoming king Brett Quick said. “Being able to represent Love Your Melon while doing it too was very special as well.”
The voting for king and queen took place Oct. 3. through Oct. 6, with the winners being crowned the evening of Oct. 7.
“It was fun to be Wayne State’s homecoming royalty alongside Brett,” Homecoming Queen Hannah Smith said. “It was was great to get to know the other candidates throughout the week. They made homecoming fun and unforgettable.”
One of big changes this year was that the candidates were able to campaign while fundraising for Tenderheart Animal Rescue.
“It was so fun to have the candidates campaign,” Smith said. “It really allowed for all 12 candidates to showcase their personality and love for Wayne State.”
Quick said that during the voting, he felt anxious but loved the experience with the other candidates.
“During the voting, I felt anxious just watching people get onto the iPads and computers to do it,” Quick said. “But it was a fun process to experience and the people who I experienced it with were great.”