Nordstrand Art Gallery brings new faculty exhibit

Jordyn Knobbe, Staff Writer

The new faculty art exhibit opened up for the public to view at the Nordstrand Art Gallery, last Wednesday.


“Each faculty members’ constribution is interesting to see with all the new art that’s been created,” WSC Studio Arts senior Katelyn Brandow said.


All professors have shown a new piece that they have worked on for the show.


Leroy Von Glan displayed four pottery pieces. Marlene Mueller showed two large drawings of fire.


Carolyn Albracht showed four watercolor pieces. Joshua Piersanti displayed a large graphic poster for the redesign of the Neihardt Center website.


“The new printmaking style is drastically different from the former professor; his was more classical and disciplined while Meghan O’ Connor’s prints are abstract and playful,” Brandow said.


O’Connor isn’t the only new faculty member with art in the show. Sculpting Professor Sarah Krupp also has worked displayed in the gallery.


“It was nice to see the quality and quantity of work done by the faculty. People can see it on the internet, but to physically see it is something good to experience,” Krupp said.


Krupp entered in two pieces titled Petichor, the word for the smell right after it rains, and Opuntia, the name of the cacti in which the prickly pear grows.


They are smaller works due to Krupp’s living; she has moved around a lot so they are easier to move, but she now hopes to start going larger with her works.


“I title them to not hit right on the nose of what they are, but to make people think and have to learn a new word,” Krupp said.


The Nordstrand Gallery is located in the Peterson Fine Arts building on the second floor.


The Gallery is open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.