WSC rugby teams take home the win


Aarhon Young

The women’s rugby team faces off against Wisconsin State this past weekend, winning the game 95-0.

Both the WSC men and women rugby clubs won this weekend. The men played University of Nebraska-Creighton and won the game 15-0.

The women, who played Wisconsin State, won by a long shot with a final score of 95-0.

Although WSC rugby isn’t an offical school sport, the team is a member of USA Rugby.

Both teams have a large roster with 40 players on each roster. The large number of players allows the teams to have competitive practices and scrimmages.

During the fall season, the rugny teams plays 15-on-15 for national playoffs and 7-on-7 rugby in the spring season.

This year, the women are going for their fifth national championship title.