WSC goes green


Hanna Conrad, Staff Writer

The school year is winding down quickly, and the dorms will be emptying. The City of Wayne Green Team, along with Wayne State College, want to help ensure that students are moving out in the “green” way.

The Green Team and WSC are sponsoring a “Green Move Out” from the dorms May 6 through the 9 from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. each day.

“Our goal is to minimize the amount of reusable items thrown into the trash,” Sandy Brown, Chair of the Wayne Green Team, said. “Then it will reduce the amount of trash in the landfill.”

Rustic Treasures and Micah’s Closet will collect the donated items for resale at the stores. Then, students and others in the community will be able to purchase these items at a lower cost, rather than buy new.

Volunteers will be sitting by the dumpster to direct students to donate their reusable items, rather than throwing them in garbage. Every hour, Rustic Treasures will be driving to all the dumpsters to pick up the items left out.

Non-profit groups can volunteer to “staff” the campus dumpster locations to help students donate their items. The groups will earn a percentage of the funds raised through the resale.

“We hope to have at least one person at every dumpster and are seeking volunteers,” Brown said.

The “Green Move Out” supports the City of Wayne’s participation in a Zero Waste Pilot Project with WasteCap Nebraska.

“We are excited for the opportunity to make a difference,” Brown said.