Chloe Hilliard brings laughter to WSC


Brandon Powell

Chloe Hilliard, a Brooklyn comedian, came to campus last Friday as a part of Comedy Corner, which was hosted by SAB.

Morgan Ruterbories, Staff Writer

WSC welcomed comedian Chloe Hilliard for a performance last Friday in Ramsey Theatre. Her show was part of the Comedy Corner hosted by the SAB.


Hilliard hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., where she was born and raised. She has been exercising her passion for comedy for around six years; however, before entering into the comedy realm, she had been an active journalist covering hard news.


“I never intended to be a comic, it was never my plan. I was a journalist. I wanted to get a Pulitzer and I wanted to be in war zones,” Hilliard said.


She desired more training and a stronger background in the televised side of journalism, so when one of her friends challenged her to take a comedy class in order to help her develop her ability to create a broadcast personality for television, she accepted and pursued it.


“It was there when I realized that my whole journalism career was never about my opinion, and here I have a medium where I can voice my opinion. I have gravitated towards it and it has been fun,” Hilliard said.


She has found herself traveling and busy with her comedic adventures ever since.


Hilliard has a perspective on comedy that plays into her performance. While she had the entire auditorium wracked with gut-wrenching laughter throughout her segment, she also used her comedy platform to project more serious undertones and drew attention to important current issues that are stifled by our heavily pushed politically correct standards.


“Here I am in Nebraska. I know that I’m probably somebody that most people have never seen before, both aesthetically and who I am as a comedian and as a person. When I get on stage I then have the opportunity to convey who I am or what I believe to people who may have never had a one-on-one conversation with someone like me before,” Hilliard said. “The question I have to ask myself is if I want to just be funny or do I want to send a message.”


With performances on both MTV and Comedy Central, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hilliard on a larger-scale platform again.