Gaming Corner

Liz Moeller, Staff Writer

It may seem surprising, but even now, video games are making history.


Things are moving forward even though we are not looking at the birth of Super Mario Brothers and the rivalry of Sega and Nintendo anymore. Instead, we will be looking at the achievements mastered during ‘This Week in Gaming History.’


As the pilot article, we will be covering everything from anniversaries, recent news and new releases within the last or coming week.


To start, Sept.15 had been the one-year anniversary of “Undertale,” a popular role-playing game created by Toby Fox, an indie developer.


Since its launch last year, it has cultivated a huge fanbase as it takes inspiration from the cult classic “Earthbound” or “Mother 2.”It has a unique moral compass and every play through will be different, as your last decisions will come back to haunt you.


It is available on Steam for $9.99 for PC, and even if you are not an avid gamer, everyone should at least experience this once in a lifetime game.


Recent releases onto the market would have to be the new expansion of “Destiny: Rise of Iron.” It was just released yesterday. Both DLCs are available for $39.99 and a full expansion with “Vanilla Destiny” and the “Taken King edition” for the normal game price of $59.99. It seems that Bungie is finally putting together the game we were all promised, even if it took nearly two years to get it right since the disappointing release of “Vanilla Destiny.”


One release that has come and gone is “Pokemon Go Plus.” It is what most would call a heavy part in playing the mobile game “Pokemon Go,” as it assists in keeping better track of your walking distance, helps you catch Pokemon and even collect Pokestops without having your phone always on the app. It works even when “Pokemon Go” is running in the background, but will not if you close the app.


If this is your first time hearing about it and want to pick it up, I’m sorry to say that it may not see the light of day again for several weeks.


Having had only five preorders and six extra in the Norfolk GameStop, all of them were claimed within the first few hours.


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