Two WSC football alumni injured in hit-and-run in Southern California


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J’Ron Erby and Kendrick Hester were two of the three pedestrians involved in a hit-and-run on Aug. 5, in San Diego, Cal. Erby is being treated for multiple skull fractures and Hester suffered from cuts on his head and shoulder. Erby is still in the hospital, while Hester is being taken care of at home.

DaQuan Samuel, Staff Writer

A hit-and-run driver, who is still at large, left three men, two of whom are Wayne State alumni, hospitalized after a night of celebration, in San Diego, Cal.

J’Ron Erby and Kendrick Hester, the two alumni, were out celebrating Hester’s 25th birthday with a friend when all three of the men were struck by a four-door Sudan. Both former members of the Wayne State College football team had just recently moved in together in the Golden State, California.

According to the San Diego police, Erby, Hester and Kendrick’s best friend Marty, were crossing the street when a car was stopped at the intersection of Garnet Avenue and Baynard Street near the Bank of America building when another car traveled into the opposite lane to pass.The Sudan was going the wrong way, traveling east in the westbound lanes, when the men were struck.

The driver did not stop, after striking them just past 1 a.m. on Aug. 5.

Hester sustained a large cut to his forehead and a smaller cut to his shoulder. The head wound required several stitches, and the shoulder injury staples. He has since been released.

Hester works at Palomar College as a program ambassador for the non-profit Upward Bound program. It is a government funded program that advises first-generation, low-income high school students. He was supposed to be leaving three days after the incident to take the kids in his program on a trip to visit several college campuses.

Erby sustained several skull fractures as well as brain trauma and is in critical condition in the intensive care unit.
“Me and J’Ron just kind of flew up in the air–I didn’t even realize that,” Hester said.

Hester has recalled the night and now his only concern is his friend and finding the suspect.

“I know (J’Ron) is strong, he’s going to be all right, but I just want to talk to him again,” Hester said. “It’ll mean a lot to find out who did it.”

The police just recently found suspects in the crime.

Police described the suspects as a Hispanic male in his 20s with long hair pulled into a bun. The woman is African American in her 20s, has long hair and was wearing a light colored sleeveless top and dark pants.
GoFundMe accounts have been set up for both men.

Erby’s sister Leana Erby started the GoFundMe page for here brother, and updates are posted there regularly.

Earlier this week, according to the page, Erby started physical therapy and doctors have started to slowly take him off the ventilator.

“He practiced moving his arms and legs and even sat up for 10 minutes with his legs dangling off the bed,” Leana Erby posted. “It was hard for him to do for any longer with assistance.”

Later in the same week, Erby was at a physical therapy session and he stood twice without assistance. It is also stated on the webpage that he sat on the side of the bed with his legs dangling for a while. He also has been able to be off of the ventilator for hours at a time.

“Please continue to keep him in your prayers. He is improving and getting stronger by the day,” Leana Erby said.