Renovations have begun

Bowen Hall has started construction for the 2017 update


Clare Ferguson, Staff Writer

Construction for the Bowen Hall renovations began over summer break, leaving the tallest structure on campus closed and fenced off as it receives several upgrades.

“Coming in, I really wanted to make sure we were representing the Bowen renovations in a positive light,” Director of Residence Life Quinneka Lee said. “So I wanted to make sure in doing that we put it on the website because we wanted a place to celebrate these changes.”

Over the summer the website for Bowen Hall’s renovation was updated to include slight changes to the original plan of the hall. Due to restrictions, a decision was made to not change the location of each room’s air conditioning unit, which was originally planned to be placed into the ceilings during the renovation period.

“The biggest thing is all the built-in furniture will be gone. We are really looking for movable furniture for the key pieces,” said Lee. “Our office is looking to do assessments with students, so having surveys with pictures to help pick the feel of what Bowen should look like.”

Along with new furniture, Bowen Hall has several other new features planned to improve student life. Bowen’s half-floors will have more space, including new lounge rooms and windows to let natural light in. The bathrooms are being updated cosmetically, and new stalls should allow more privacy to students. The main lobby will also receive more space and a fireplace for more of a social atmosphere.

“I think we did a really great job in making sure we collaborated with the office of facilities services in order to make sure that construction is being done in a safe manner.” Lee said. “Moving forward there is a contingency plan. We are excited, we want to open fall 2017. There may be a few of those bumpy hiccups to begin with.”

Construction on Bowen will be happening throughout the school year, according to the plan for the hall’s reopening in the fall of the next academic school year. So far, there have been no setbacks to opening back up for the next year, but in case there is a delay, measures have been taken to ensure for the ease of student life.