Guess what’s finally open for business

Chantal Lawson, Staff Writer

Driving down 7th street in Wayne, on your way to Wayne East for late night nachos to munch on while cramming for next week’s finals, you might notice a new building. The 4th Jug is Wayne’s newest and largest sports bar, and it’s now open.

At first glance, The 4th Jug is a big building that has three components. The reason it’s so big is because it’s full of fun.

The 4th Jug itself is a restaurant: adjacent to it is a pizza joint (Jugs Pizza) and a small liquor store (the Jug Store). The restaurant offers Keno and 70” televisions broadcasting sports around the keno area.

And, as with every good sports bar, The 4th Jug has a wide variety of good food and beer.

With such a wide variety of activity and opportunity for a good time, it’s no surprise that The 4th Jug is estimated to provide the community of Wayne with the equivalent of at least 20 full time employees and $3.5 million in annual revenue.

Visit their Facebook page (@The 4th Jug/Papa Jug’s Pizza) for more information, or pop in for some good food and a good time any day of the week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.