Writing, reading and fun

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

The writing club put on the third annual English Festival this past Monday. For the first time the readers were all seniors from Wayne State College.


“I think it went really well. We had a lot of great readers tonight, and also a really great open mic following,” assistant professor Stephanie Marcellus said. “Everyone was really enthusiastic about the activities about fiction and non-fiction.”


The festival had snacks, a book give away, a raffle, black out poetry, a video showing (a compilation between media club and writing club), a bake sale (Sigma tau Delta), an open mic and six readers, featuring Kelly Webber.


“I thought the book exchange table was really fun this year. We had a lot of people donate books for that, and I saw a lot of students leaving with some great things to read,” Marcellus said.

Around thirty people attended the festival participating in different activities and events.


“The English Festival went great. A lot of people read. Having Andy and Thadd around were the highlights of this entire thing,” student Justin Damme said. “They breathe life and joy into this entire festival. More people should come up.”