Faculty Senate agrees: no guns on campus

Chantal Lawson, Staff Writer

At its meeting on Feb. 24, The Wayne State College faculty senate finalized its stance on whether or not guns should be permitted on college campuses, as the Nebraska Unicameral has considered.


“The Unicameral considered, at least briefly, a bill that would allow firearms on campuses irrespective of campus policy. We wanted to go on record that we support Wayne State’s continued ability to restrict firearms on campus,” faculty senate member JV Brummels said.


“The general feeling is that we’d really rather not have guns floating around campus,” Brummels said.


The faculty senate’s report reads as follows: “The Wayne State College Faculty Senate opposes any legislation that would curtail the ability of College authorities to restrict the carrying of firearms on campus.”


Both Brummels and Mark Hammer, another senate member, agree the wording is a bit confusing on this.


“The wording is confusing. The faculty senate went on record opposing this, to keep our WSC campus’ ability to prohibit firearms,” Hammer said. “Firearms are completely restricted on campus, except for law enforcement. I don’t know of any faculty that want to bring firearms to campus anyway.”


The resolution was voted on and approved unanimously.