Sign up to stay on campus

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

The upcoming renovation of Bowen Hall will bring many changes. One of those is that students with 75 credits or more will have to apply for housing on campus in a slightly different way.

This difference in application was announced in a couple of e-mails sent out by Residence Life last week.

“The biggest change for next year will be the overflow housing that we will have in place combined with the closure of Bowen,” assistant dean of students Matthew Weekley said.

Overflow housing is the term being used to describe available spaces for upperclassman meant for two individual students that can be made to fit three. Students who select or are assigned an overflow housing situation will receive a 20 percent discount on housing as long as they stay in that room.

Although some things have changed, others have not, such as having the ability to choose your roommate, meal plan and dorm room.

According to Residence Life, there are two main steps to the reapplication process: selecting a roommate and meal plan (March 28–April 8) and choosing a residence hall and room (April 18–29).
“We know there will be frustrations at times for some of you, but living on campus is still going to be a wonderful experience,” Weekley said. “Ask questions and know the facts. Most students will not be in overflow housing. If you hear something that concerns you, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help.”

Students making requests for Pile triples will need one student to commit to one of the three applicants paying the single room fee.

For Pile quads, all four members of the group must apply before being considered for placement.

Students are requested to go directly to the Residence Life office in the Student Center room 201 in order to submit rooming applications.

All student requests must be submitted no later than noon on April 11. E-mail requests will not be accepted, so students must physically apply at Residence Life.