Printing now available in residence halls


Photo by Sami Taylor

Victoria McNamara prints homework from the new printer located in Pile Hall.

Justin Yost, Staff Writer

Wayne State College is taking measures to make it easier for students to print. Printers are now in every dormitory.

Feedback from students prior to the papercut system told NATS chief information officer John Dunning that students were not happy with the limited spaces and long lines to print. Student Senate sent a request to NATS to try to figure out a solution.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of problems with the printers.

“We had problems with the print release stations not picking up jobs from certain devices, but we worked out that problem,” Dunning said.

Students are happy with the solution and know it will take time to work out all the bugs.

“I like the idea of having printers in the dorms,” WSC freshman Taryn Hingst said. “When we first got the printer, it would run out of paper and no one had paper to refill it.”

Since then, desk workers in dorms and NATS have worked out a plan to have the printers refilled regularly.

“Ours works as long as you send it to the correct paper cut,” Berry Hall resident assistant James Branstetter said. “So far we haven’t had trouble with our printer, and it is a great thing Wayne State is doing for students.”

Many students have complained about the printers being slow in certain dorms when they try to log on.

“It was slow when I logged on this morning, but after it warmed up it started to work pretty well.” Hingst said.

RA Ryan Coenen likes the idea of students being able to print in the dorms.

“It is great for students who don’t have a lot of time in between classes or before class to print faster. Sometimes at the library there are a lot of people trying to print, and it can take a long time. It will help students to have the option of printing in the dorm,” Coenen said.