In need of a new strategy


Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

Yesterday, there was another terror attack in Europe, this time, in Brussels, Belgium. Two bombs went off in the Zaventem airport and another in a city metro station. The Islamic State, or ISIS, has taken responsibility for the attack. At the time this was written, 30 people have lost their lives. And for what?

We can’t fathom the hate that leads people to commit these terrible crimes. To take another human life is to devalue one’s own life, and it just doesn’t make sense to us.

Mere hours after the attacks, world leaders were already making statements about the Brussels attack. We hope, as more leaders, politicians and citizens speak out, they think about their words.

We can’t fight hate with hate, it just doesn’t work that way.

When public figures like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz make public statements about how the U.S. should break international law and use torture against our enemies or close our boarders to Muslims, it’s the wrong message. That’s hate fighting hate.

We can grieve with Brussels, we can stand in solidarity and we can aid Brussels without resorting to hate speech. We can do it without force and we can do it without discrimination.

We can also and should also begin showing support and solidarity to those outside of the western world.

The news coverage of attacks like those in Paris and Brussels makes us wonder why mainstream media only chooses the western world’s problems to report.

Things like the Brussels attack happen all the time in Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan and many other places. Don’t the citizens who are just trying to live their lives deserve the same attention and support that the citizens of Western Europe receive? Is it just media bias that prevents it? Is it a larger issue?

We wish we had the answers and the solutions to the problem but no one does. The one thing we do know is that we stand in solidarity to all citizens of the world who are victims of terror. No more fighting hate with hate; it’s time to try a new strategy.