In the final stretch

WSC seniors finish up last minute tasks before graduation at ‘Grad Finale’

Courtney Upah, Staff Writer

With two months left before the end of the semester the Grad Finale was held in the Kanter Student Center, allowing seniors to mark off a checklist to line everything up to graduate.

“The Grad Finale is very well organized by Career Services. The staff was friendly and worked well. It’s good to make sure everything is finalized properly before you graduate,” history major Samuel Vincent said.

Cookies and drinks were provided, and students were given a check list to enter in a raffle.

The checklist consisted of talking to student financial services, records and registration, career services, alumni association, graduate school programs, the bookstore for the cap and gowns as well as the Ron Holt Civic Award.

Jostens was also on the list so students could order class rings, but there was no representative.

“I think the Grad Finale went really well today. We had a steady flow of students the whole time from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. We had students right up until the very end of the Grad Finale,” Career Services Specialist Heather Reinhardt said.

The Alumni Association mentioned two websites on Facebook for alumni; Wayne State College GOLD Club for younger alumni and Wayne State College Alumni for older graduates.

The Ron Holt Award was also represented at a table. This award would provide a $500 gift to a 2016 graduate who has participated in one or more service learning project, has a GPA of 2.5 or better and can accept this award in person on April 27.

“Advice I would have for seniors is if they were not able to attend the Grad Finale to make sure they are checking their Wayne State College e-mail address for messages that might come about graduation or paying graduation fees. This information may be coming by mail as well.” Reinhardt said.

Students will only be able to order caps and gowns until the end of the week.