Math Club celebrates Pi Day

Steele Giles, Staff Writer

Plenty of things in life are irrational, especially the number pi.

What doesn’t have to be irrational are awesome deals on delicious cupcakes, which the Math Club sold around campus on Monday as their Pi Day fundraiser.

For those who missed it, March 14 was Pi Day. Rather than sell pies, which would be a logistical nightmare, the Math Club continued their tradition of selling cupcakes decorated to look like pies.



The tradition was started around five years ago when a former president of the club found the design online and pitched the idea to the club.

This year the club made roughly 350 cupcakes and sold each and every one of them, between preordered batches and individual sales throughout the day.

Of the club’s twenty members and two faculty advisors, Dr. Jennifer Langdon and Dr. Sally Clark, nearly all of them helped with the event, including the three-hour-long process of decorating all of the cupcakes.