City council hears about Bowen Hall issues


Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

WSC vice president Jeff Carstens was present at the Wayne city council meeting on March 1 to discuss the action to waive the four-person limit per household for one year.

No official decision has been made yet, but Carstens was there to present a few numbers to the council to give an idea of how much living space will be needed for the Bowen renovation project.

Residence life at WSC will lose approximately 425 bed spaces, which is about the full occupancy of Bowen Hall, and go down to about 35-50 and will fill those spaces by filling unoccupied rooms, temporarily not offering private rooms, and RAs having roommates.

Nick Muir, city council member and WSC’s assistant chief information officer, believes that the Wayne community has enough space to support the students for the year while Bowen is being renovated.

“If I knew student enrollment or retention would be negatively impacted, I would ask for further action,” Muir said. “The WSC students are an important part of the Wayne community, and in all honesty, I wouldn’t have a job at Wayne State College without them.”

There has been no official decision, as the council just wanted to discuss and hear what the public had to say about the issue.

The council approved the DGR Engineering Master Agreement for Professional Services, which basically means that the electricity system in Wayne is getting an upgrade. The first part of the plan is to put the East Inner and West Inner Circuits underground, and then the team will move to downtown, which is the oldest part of the system.

The new service lines will run from the alley to the houses, and new electric meter sockets will be installed on the houses, as needed. Some of the older homes will require a new entrance wire from the meter socket.

The new systems will increase the electric capacity of the lines and bury them, eliminating poles, guy wires and making all overhead wires disappear. Also, the transformers currently up on poles will need to be replaced with transformers on the ground in some backyards, which will require utility easements at the back property line on said properties.

There will be 24-hour access to the Community Activity Center (CAC) starting April 1 of this year, and the membership rates will be increasing by 10% on the same day. The 2016 pool rates will remain the same as they did in 2015. Non-members must pay an additional $25. To find out what the current rates are, go to the city of Wayne website.

A payment of $165,778.34 was made to the Eriksen Construction Co. Inc. for the 2015 Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvement project, as well as another $38,079.74 to Christiansen Construction Co. LLC for the 2016 Wayne Aquatic Center project.