Ahmann excited to help students ‘Ah’ccomplish their dreams

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

All students who come to Wayne have to go through the admissions office in Hahn, and the people that work there help us students get through our college years. But who are these people that put so much work into the best years of our lives?

Nancy Ahmann is one of those office assistants in Hahn.

Ahmann was raised in Wayne, but she has lived in Lincoln, Omaha and Iowa. She returned to Wayne, America in 1991 and has been working at Wayne State College since 2000.

As an office assistant, Ahmann lines up campus visits for interested students and their parents. She also handles freshmen and transfer registrations.

“I look forward to visiting with new prospective Wildcat students and parents,” Ahmann said. “There are many students that I have gotten to know as new freshmen and then have watched them walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. That feeling is exciting for them, that they have accomplished their dreams and are now heading out into the world to make their mark, but it is also sad to see them leave our Wayne State College family.”

Another aspect of her job that Ahmann enjoys is working with the faculty and other office assistants, and also the relationships that are made with Wayne’s student navigators that she sees in her office.

Outside of her job, Ahmann loves being outdoors during the summer and taking care of her flowers. During the winter months, she and her husband take old treasures and decorate them to their liking.

If any students have questions about their schooling, Ahmann encourages them to ask anyone in the office.

“The office staff in Admissions is always available for any questions that students have, whether you are new or returning,” Ahmann said. “If we cannot help you, we will gladly get you to the place you need to be.”