Guest Column: Food for thought

Catherine Wilmes, Guest Columnist

“Our Focus is Your Future.”

I read this from a billboard flaunted over the interstate.

Wayne State College, where you pay two dollars and fifty nine cents for a bottle of tea.

Add a sandwich and a bag of chips to complete your meal, and you’re over your meal limit of six dollars and forty two cents.

Food fuels the mind, they say. Obviously Wayne State does not agree with that statement.

How are we supposed to fuel our minds with high prices and low quality food?

Does not having a well-balanced meal and food in our stomachs, not help us in the long run?

I suppose they expect us to live off ramen noodles and Mountain Dew and be satisfied.

And on the weekends it is expected that we plug an IV into our veins and pump alcohol, into our systems until we are completely intoxicated.

So what’s the point of food when you’re wasted?

Maybe to better the hang over?

I’d rather be hungover by alcohol than be hung out to dry.

The least Wayne State could do is allow hover boards back on campus, so we don’t waste what little amount of energy we get from this food and put that conserved energy towards our classes.

Or is this nonsense a Michelle Obama conspiracy to make these items so expensive we don’t buy as much resulting in us not getting fat?

So go ahead and tell me this is Chartwells’, the provider of the foods, fault, and that Wayne State has nothing to do with this.

But don’t tell me that Wayne State doesn’t have the power to stop this price gouging of college students.

Students who rely heavily on a good meal they have paid for, but end up getting Ritz Crackers and a bottle of pop for lunch.

But hey, at least we have a beautiful water tower and friendly squirrels.

Way to go Wayne State.

Your focus is definitely our future.