Drag show set for next Wednesday

Kayla Mathewson, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for something different to do on campus, WSC’s PRIDE club will be hosting the annual drag show on March 2. The show will be held in the Frey Conference room in the Kanter Student Center and will begin at 8:30 p.m.


Every spring semester, PRIDE throws a drag show with performers that come from Lincoln, Omaha and even Sioux City to raise money for local charities. The charity that was chosen this year is Alice’s Avengers, a local group raising funds for a special little girl fighting neuroblastoma.


For more information, feel free to look up the Facebook page, where you can also find the link to the GoFundMe page, called Alice’s Avengers.


A drag show features men dressing up as women, or women dressing up as men, usually performing a song of their choice. It is not a show for children, as the performances tend to get a little more explicit than some might be comfortable with, because of some of the songs that are chosen among the performers. There will be seven professional performances, along with a number of students who choose to participate.


Unlike past drag shows this year there will be entertainment for those waiting in line. This annual event is a popular one, and while it is free, there is limited seating. Getting in line early is suggested.


Morgan Bentley, president of PRIDE, said that there will be raffle tickets, a photo booth and mocktail drinks for the early birds. The raffle tickets are 25 cents each and four tickets for a dollar.


The drag show has been a smashing hit for the past few years, and Bentley is ecstatic to be in charge of the big event for PRIDE.


“I think the thing I like most about this event is that we get to expose people to a new and fun experience that they may have strayed from otherwise,” Bentley said. “It’s rare to be able to host something like this on a small campus like ours, and the fact that we’ve had so much success with it is amazing.”


Not only will there be professional drag queens performing their hearts out, but students are encouraged to participate and have a great learning experience. That doesn’t happen every day.


If you wish to become a performer for the drag show, send an email to [email protected] to receive more information.