Letter to the Editor

Jacob Stewart

Anarchy is seemingly the only viable option left to us here at WSC. It seems to me that this administration maintains less credibility than Nixon, and that is saying something.

With the displacement of students due to the so called “Bowen refugees,” a fire storm of complaints, questions, and worries has risen from us students.

Where will exiled students live? For those lucky enough to rent an apartment, their landlords will become fat cats from increased payments, and how will those off-campus afford their living expenses?

As far as I can see, Wayne does not maintain the ability to house or provide jobs for so many of us, and to push students to towns that can provide both, could only cause more stress.

In this case, compliance equals silence, and as such a large chunk of this campus population, we upperclassmen cannot afford to be silent.

How much longer can we endure these people who call themselves the head of this college and all of their plans that seem to be created without any intellectual thought or true concern for the future of the students?

They have shown us that they are willing to fire tenured professors for little more than voicing opinions, leaving us to wonder who is safe, and now it seems clear that students and professors alike are not safe from the minds of those who rule from Hahn, its shadow hanging heavier than that of our local tower, Bowen Hall.