Mrsny keeps the peace on campus and in his household


Melanie Alyea

Campus Security Director Jason Mrsny

Melanie Alyea, Staff Writer

For most college-bound high school seniors, a big part of picking a institution has to do with how safe the campus is. It’s Jason Mrsny’s job to keep WSC secure.

Mrsny, who has been working at Wayne State for 17 years, is Campus Security manager. His job is to ensure a safe learning, living and working environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to WSC.

“I have an excellent staff of full time security officers and part time student officers to help me accomplish this task,” Mrsny said. “My staff are a key component to providing security on campus. We also have an inter-local agreement with the Wayne Police Department. The police department is a key player in providing security on campus.”

Campus Security provides educational material on safety and security, parking enforcement, event security, vehicle unlocking and jump starting services, documentation of campus rule/regulation violations, escorts during the evening hours and assistance with any other safety and security issues.

“We are here to help students have a safe and memorable college experience. College should be a fun and enlightening experience. My staff and I are here to help,” Mrsny said. “Students will be faced with many challenges and choices to make in college. It is how we respond to those challenges and choices that make us stronger. “

Campus security embraces the responsibility of educating students about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, campus safety or any safety-related issues on campus. Probably the most important thing Campus Security would like for students to know: “We like to see students accomplish the goal of walking across the stage on graduation day.”

During his time off, Mrsny enjoys being outside with his children.

“Being a single father, I enjoy spending my spare time with my children Kaiden, Jaxon, and Olivia. Olivia and I like baking together and I enjoy playing sports with Kaiden and Jaxon,” Mrsny said. “We all like to go swimming, hiking, camping, and fishing/hunting. My kids are a big motivation to me.”