Bodlak releases first feature film

Joe Merkel, Staff Writer

Blake Bodlak, a film student at Wayne State College, is making waves in the local film community with his new short film “Mollie’s Goodbye.” The film, which Bodlak wrote, directed, and produced, tells the story of a woman’s last day in a world where everyone knows when they are going to die. 

Bodlak, originally from Ponca, Nebraska, is an aspiring filmmaker with a focus on cinematography. His passion for film was sparked early on, and he has been honing his craft at Wayne State College’s Media Arts Department. Bodlak’s first film, “Connor & Annie,” premiered in the spring of 2021 and showcased his talent for creating emotionally resonant stories. 

“Mollie’s Goodbye” was an ambitious project that Bodlak spent two years working on. The idea for the film came to him shortly after “Connor & Annie” premiered, and he knew that he wanted to put his full effort into bringing the story to life. However, he also recognized the need to continue learning about filmmaking and building his knowledge along the way.  

“It was an idea that I really believed in and one that I wanted to put my full effort into, so it took me a long time to write,” Bodlak said.  

The script for “Mollie’s Goodbye” was completed towards the end of last summer, and production began in earnest last fall. Bodlak spent a lot of time in pre-production, ensuring that he and his crew were on the same page and ready to tackle the project’s emotional weight. Despite the challenges of tight scheduling, Bodlak and his team were able to shoot the film in just four days. 

According to Bodlak, the most difficult part of production was the sheer amount of material they had to shoot in such a short amount of time. The film’s emotional content added an extra layer of complexity to an already demanding shoot. Despite these challenges, Bodlak is confident that he and his team pulled off something truly special. 

“Ultimately, what was most important for me with the film was telling an emotional and moving story,” Bodlak said. “I want to make the kind of movies that inspire you to call someone you love and tell them you love them, and I hope this is one of those movies.” 

The premiere of “Mollie’s Goodbye” is scheduled to take place on April 19 at the Majestic Theater in Wayne. Bodlak is taking a bold step by holding his own screening, and he hopes that the event will not only serve as a platform to share his work with the community but also as an opportunity to raise awareness about the Media Arts Department at WSC and the opportunities it provides to aspiring filmmakers. 

With the premiere just around the corner, anticipation for “Mollie’s Goodbye” is high. Bodlak’s dedication to his craft and his ability to tell emotionally resonant stories has earned him a reputation as a rising star in the local film community. As his latest work prepares to make its debut, all eyes are on Bodlak and the message of love and hope he hopes to convey with “Mollie’s Goodbye.” 

Bodlak’s passion for filmmaking has been evident throughout his time at WSC. He previously wrote and directed a short film called “Connor and Annie,” which explored the struggles of two best friends as they navigated their own personal life changes. The film was well-received and helped Bodlak gain experience and recognition in the world of student filmmaking. 

WSC typically holds a screening every semester at the Majestic Theater to showcase the films that were made for the screenwriting competition. However, Bodlak decided to hold his own screening for “Mollie’s Goodbye,” which is set to premiere at the Majestic Theater in Wayne on April 19th. Bodlak is excited to share his film with the community and hopes that it will resonate with viewers and inspire them to cherish their loved ones. 

Bodlak’s journey in creating “Mollie’s Goodbye” showcases the hard work, dedication, and passion that goes into creating a meaningful film. His ability to capture emotion on screen and tell a moving story has earned him recognition in the student filmmaking community.