Staff Spotlight: Edi Hernandez and the Multicultural Programs

Geo Ascencio, News Writer

Edi Hernandez is Wayne State College’s International and Multicultural Program Coordinator as of June 2021. 

Hernandez is in charge of academic advisory for international students as well as putting together small events and scheduling speakers. He frequently collaborates with WSC’s Student Activities Board, athletics and student organizations such as International Club and Black Student Alliance. 

Hernandez was born in Texas and moved around when he was younger in order to be closer to family. He said he loves reading and learning new things. Currently he is reading a video game studies book titled “Video Games Have Always Been Queer” by Bonnie Ruberg.  

“I also enjoy putting Lego models together, the last one was The Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone,” Hernandez said.  

Hernandez said he also enjoys visiting bookstores and museums whenever he gets some free time. 

Hernandez moved to WSC from the University of Colorado-Boulder where he was also a program coordinator. He said his motivation for moving to WSC was his love for small towns.  

“I just fell in love with small places where I can do more,” Hernandez said.  

He said that in a small community like Wayne he can get more of an “intimate experience with students as opposed to bigger institutions where students tend to get lost in the shuffle of the crowd.” 

Hernandez said there are a few events coming up in October.  

“We are doing a coming out event where students can learn the experience of coming out for queer and trans students,” Hernandez said.  

He said other upcoming events include an early learning experience where students can learn about media representations of people with disabilities and a guest speaker giving a tutorial on how to maintain hair. 

Some of the groups that Hernandez assists includes the International Club, Spanish Club and PRIDE.  

“We are always willing to help our students get the activities and programs that they are wanting and the more feedback I get, specifically, the better I can be at providing those resources and support,” he said.  

For example, Hernandez said the International Club puts on small events such as game nights and dinners. He said Latinos United is a group he is working on reestablishing for the future. 

As an example of one of the many multicultural groups on campus that Hernandez helps with, Ruth Yuman, president of the Spanish Club, expanded on what the club does.  

“The Spanish Club’s purpose is to express and experience the Hispanic cultures we have here on campus and demonstrate to the students how diverse and unique each of them is,” Yuman said. “We want Wayne State College to be an inclusive place and let every individual know that they can be themselves in any environment.”