New dining option coming in the fall

Laura Spieler, Staff Writer

Wayne State students and staff will have access to a brand-new dining option in the lower dining hall of the Kanter Student Center, Cat’s Corner, in the fall of 2021.
The new dining option will be a combination of one of the existing concepts, Smoked BBQ, with a new concept, Melt Lab.
Smoked BBQ is an existing option in the lower dining hall that serves a variety of meats and sides.
Wayne State Dining wanted to give students a new option that catered to what they were looking for in a dining option.
The new dining option, Melt Lab, will be combined with Smoked BBQ to give students even more foods to pick from. Melt Lab will offer a variety of grilled cheese and mac and cheese choices.
A student survey was sent out in the fall of 2020 asking students what they wanted as a new dining option.
There were many choices, but a combination of Smoked BBQ and Melt Lab was the overwhelming winner, according to Shawn Lyn, a Chartwells representative.
Wayne State Dining wanted to create a dining experience that is strictly catered toward the students of WSC.
This is why they sent out a survey and even held a reveal party for the new dining option.
Since the reveal of the addition of Melt Lab, Smoked BBQ has been cycling through a few meal choices that will be offered when Melt Lab is added.
They wanted to see what students like the best, and so far things have been going great.
Lyn said they’ve almost sold out every day that they’ve offered an exclusive menu item. Smoked BBQ is putting some feelers out for how Melt Lab will be received when it opens in the fall.
Lyn says he is happy that the new dining option being added is completely student-driven.
He also agrees with the students who voted that mac and cheese and BBQ is a pretty good combination.
Smoked BBQ and Melt Lab will officially be open for dining in the upcoming fall semester.