Should trick or treating be allowed this year?

Marcus Garrett, Staff Writer

The global pandemic the world is currently facing has caused many cancellations, including Halloween. It’s the spooky season, a time to dress up and go trick or treating, go to pumpkin patches, and enjoy fall activities. But with the current spread of the virus, many are deciding whether or not to celebrate Halloween this year.

Six Wayne State College students were asked what they thought and this is what some of them had to say.

“It’s up to the parents, it goes similarly with the perspective upon COVID as a whole,” freshman Blake Kobs said.

Kobs believes that parents should be able to make their own decision about whether or not to celebrate, whereas sophomore Jordan Larson believes that the kids should no question be able to trick or treat.

“They work for the candy, so they deserve to receive it,” Larson said. Larson believes that it should be an easy decision to enjoy their Halloween the way they do every year.

You’ve heard from someone who thinks kids should and from someone who thinks it’s up to the parents. Now let’s hear from a couple people who think the kids need to be cautious.

“I think if both the recipients and givers of candy wear masks and make sure to sanitize their hands, it’s perfectly fine,” freshman Lindsey Stuckey said. Stuckey believes that as long as all parties are wearing their masks, trick or treating should go as planned.

“The kids should try to social distance and use hand sanitizer” freshman Yance Garner said. Garner thinks everyone should social distance and use hand sanitizer.

At the end of the day, families will have to make this decision together. Happy Halloween. Stay Safe.