Students nationwide petitioning for in-person graduations

WSC among the institutions that postponed commencement until later this summer

Llolanda Hernandez, Staff Writer

It’s no surprise that many students all over the nation have begun petitioning towards rescheduling graduation and other important events. Graduation is a milestone in any high school or college graduates’ life, and they wish to receive a well-earned and proper ceremony. The petitioning began after several schools around the nation made plans to hold ceremonies virtually or cancelling all together.

According to U.S. News, “Many seniors around the country can expect to experience their college graduation virtually, as college administrators seek to acknowledge students’ achievements while keeping their communities safe.”

There are schools like Wayne State College that have opted to reschedule the graduation ceremony for a later date once Covid-19 subsides and the community is safe to gather.

One school in Pennsylvania had changed their commencement to online and in about 15 hours there was over 1,000 signatures on a petition to change it.

The petition stated, “The class of 2020 needs a goodbye. Online is not the answer.”

Amid the pandemic, it’s still unknown what will happen to the school’s graduation, but it does somehow set an example for other petitioning schools that if students are against virtual ceremonies there is still a possibility that the outcome can be different.

Students are also taking the time to petition for partial school reimbursements. There are several petitions on from concerned students. One petition from Jacob Harris on the site had over 7,000 signatures. He asked they sign because students pay enough money for their education, and what is originally paid is to learn in class – not online.

One individual, Edgar Valles commented, “I paid for a parking permit I’m not gonna use anymore. I at least deserve that back. A lot of on campus resources are also unavailable due to this.”

Another commented, “I am signing because a majority of the fees we paid for do not apply to online classes. I will not be able to afford tuition next semester considering many students are now out of work and their money has gone to waster. A partial tuition refund will allow more students to be able to return for the fall semester.”

Another known petition from student’s at several universities and colleges is asking for allowingpass/fail classes. Students are petitioning for this because they feel their GPA’s will be altered with the change of in class to online learning. At WSC this is known as the satisfactory, no credit option but there has not been petitioning for this.