Bingo night provides entertaining experience

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  • Cassidy Gilliland and Gillian Daniel concentrate on their Bingo cards during Bingo Night.

  • Bingo Night contained as much excitement as concentration, as shown by these WSC students.

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Morgan Cardenas, Staff Writer

The Student Activities Board held bingo in the Frey Conference Suite Feb. 28. The event is an event that SAB puts on each semester for students to win free prizes.

This semester, because the Student Activities Board is only having one bingo event, it decided to have more prizes. Many students attended hoping to win something.

The SAB members calling the numbers would switch up the way the game was played. They would do either a round of just regular bingo where players needed five in a row in any way, four corners which is, as it sounds, only the corners of the card, an X shape that required two diagonal lines through the center of the card and forming an X and finally blackout to finish out the event.

The smaller prizes included 25 grocery bags from Pac N’ Save, a speaker, two weighted blankets, a hydro flask and a hammock. The two big prizes that were handed out in the final rounds were airpods and a TV. These two prizes had to be won by getting a black out on a card, so all the numbers had to be called.

The winners for the big prizes were Sarah Smyth with the airpods and Edgar Munoz with the TV. Smyth was the first winner and was able to pick which prize she would receive. Smyth said the event was a cool experience to win the airpods and was very happy to win.

“It was stressful,” Smyth said. “Very, very stressful but I was really glad. I’m not a lucky person, you know, so when this happened I was pretty happy about it.”

Many other students were both excited and disappointed by the end of the night. Throughout the entire event, many students were bouncing with anticipation, hoping they would win and gasping excitedly when the number that they needed was called.

SAB will sponsor more events this semester, including a Willy Wednesday today starting at 11 a.m. in the Student Center, which will include crafts for any student to do.

Emily Hackett
Bingo Night contained as much excitement as concentration, as shown by these WSC students.