Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Cameron Waddington, Staff Writer

The newest installment of the Call of Duty franchise is like seeing an old friend who you haven’t seen in ten years who comes back with some tattoos and piercings. They’re the same friend you know and love, but with some extra stuff thrown on that really makes them shine.

Modern Warfare’s new additions to the classic Call of Duty formula really makes it one for the books. Bringing back beloved characters and new ones to love in the campaign and some gameplay additions that fans didn’t know they needed or wanted but makes the gameplay experience that much more awesome, as well as a couple new modes for the franchise.

The campaign is one of the best in recent history, with compelling characters, interesting missions, and great level design that varies from tiny apartments to wide open spaces. Modern Warfare hits the nail on the head for what makes the Call of Duty campaign great.

The small additions of the mounting mechanic and the incredibly in-depth weapon customization truly make the game feel like a brand-new series. You can customize a new gun based on an existing gun.

It’s an oddly compelling progression system that keeps players hooked for hours upon hours trying to find the perfect setup of attachments on their favorite weapons.

The multiplayer also removed the classic “Prestige” system in favor of a seasonal progression system which is a change that is rather divisive in the Call of Duty community. On top of that, the graphics are massively improved.

From the highly detailed indoor sections to the sprawling and gorgeous outdoor areas, no two maps or campaign sections are the same. It is a gorgeous game that fans can pour an incredible amount of time into.

The Call of Duty team also added a few new game modes to the game that really spice things up.

The first being Ground War. Like its competitor, Battlefield’s, Conquest game mode, Ground War is a large-scale map with vehicle combat and capture points.

They did a great job varying the maps so no two Ground War maps feel the same.

The other new addition is Gunfight. Gunfight is a two versus two game mode that gives you random weapons on a condensed map to truly test your skill against your opponents.

Modern Warfare is a great example of how a few changes to a classic formula makes for a truly unique and wonderful experience.