“Bieber Fever,” is here to stay

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

From starting the trend of incredibly long and questionable side swept bangs, to peeing in a mop bucket back in 2013, Justin Bieber has been a controversial subject since his come up.

Most people have forgiven his problematic decisions with his character development and new sound in his recent music.

During Bieber’s rise to fame, the global plague of “Bieber fever” in 2009 was a time to remember. Many tears were shed, and hearts were broken for not being pulled on stage during “One Less Lonely Girl.” Back in 2013 I, among others, happened to be one of them.

Old Bieber is undoubtedly the best version. I refuse to apologize for that sentence, because it’s true.

March 19th, 2010, the world was blessed with the release of Bieber’s second studio album, “My World 2.0.” With this new album, the public was thankfully given numerous bops from the king.
From listening to every album, to sending my favorite songs to my unappreciative friends, I refuse to let young JB die.

Bieber’s first EP “My World,” started his music career but “My World 2.0” has an equal number of bangers. “Baby,” “That Should Be Me” and “Never Say Never,” are my top three picks.

With building his own career, Bieber also revived Ludacris’ dying one. Luda found his place on “Baby” alongside the young gentleman rapping some hot fire flames.

Despite the 10 million dislikes the music video has on YouTube, “Baby” is still one of Bieber’s greatest hits to date.

The premise for the music video was Bieber chasing after a girl that’s playing hard to get. Bieber had a dance battle with his dream girl and her friends, and obviously his intense moon walking skills end up winning her over.

In true Disney Channel fashion, Bieber got his girl after pining over her for three minutes and 44 seconds.

Though “Baby” was the lead single, “That Should Be Me” is definitely a top bop as well.

Did your crush ask someone else to homecoming? Get in a fight with your parents? Didn’t get the big promotion at you job? Your friends didn’t invite you to hang out? “That Should Be Me” is the song for you, brother. The song fits perfectly with any pity party you’re throwing.

“Never Say Never,” featuring young rap legend Jaden Smith, is baller. 11-year-old Smith showed off his rapping skills and slightly corny bars in his verse of the song.

Smith’s whole verse can be heard from a 10-foot radius of my dorm. “And his arms a little bit longer than me, but he ain’t on a JB song with me!”

“My World 2.0” won an American Music Award for favorite pop/rock album, in 2011, the Teen Choice Award for choice pop album, and Billboard Music Award for top pop album.

The album has enough accolades supporting it to prove it’s worthiness as Bieber’s best studio album. I plan to continue sending my unsupportive friends links to old acoustic Bieber songs until they learn to appreciate him as much as I do.