Walmart Cap 2 sucks

Sometimes it B like that

Kaitlynn Breeden, Staff Writer

I’ve worked at Walmart since 2017 (a questionable decision on my part), when I was hired as a cashier. I have many cashier horror stories I would prefer not to relive, which is why I’m trying to climb the Walmart corporate ladder. When school got out, I immediately switched departments. The department that was available to me was online grocery.

Online grocery is a new department and is pretty self-explanatory. People order groceries online and then we go around the store and get it for them and bring it out to their car.

Unfortunately for me, our department got our hours cut. Since I’m the newest person, I was the first to get cut. Due to this rude situation I was required to be dual coded, which pretty much just means I have to be trained in two departments.

My mangers first instinct was to have me cashier again, which I successfully finessed myself out of. My two options were to cashier or train in Cap 2. I chose the latter and quickly learned that it was a huge oop.

The job description of Cap 2 is unloading freight from trailers onto pallets, organizing freight, and stocking merchandise. I thought it was only stocking, but I was so f***ing wrong holy sh**.

It may come off as a shocker, but I have no experience doing physical labor. The most I’ve ever done is moving everything out of my dorm at the end of the year. So, you can imagine the shock I was in on my first day of training.

Cap 2 is a mostly male dominated department apparently. There’s two other women, but the majority are 40-year-old men. So, they were just as shocked as I was when my dumbass showed up to work.

I’m just gonna paint everyone a visual of the situation I found myself in. Imagine two people throwing boxes onto a conveyer belt. Now imagine that the conveyer belt is broken. Well, the conveyer belt was broken. I was at the front of this belt, manually shoving everything down for people to sort.

My job was to pull homeware appliances off the belt and throw them onto palettes. Two hours of me grabbing huge vacuum boxes, and Jenga stacking them so they don’t fall on top of me.

Everything that wasn’t homeware, I was shoving down the belt for everyone else to go through.

If there isn’t enough room on the shelf for something, we have to get on a ladder and put it all the way on the top.

I either have the best balance, or I am the clumsiest crackhead of all. It’s unfortunately usually the second option. I am habitually so incredibly clumsy; I should list it as a talent on my resume. So again, imagine me climbing this ladder and trying to put huge bulk toilet paper on a shelf. I haven’t fallen off the ladder yet, but it would be good for me if I did for financial compensation reasons.

After my two weeks of Cap 2 boot camp, I have since taken all measurements to not be scheduled over there. I now stick to hiding in online grocery and minding my own business.