On the Hook Fish and Chips truck is wanted back

Kori Siebert, Staff Writer

On the Hook Fish and Chips truck is definitely making their way “off the hook.” This small food truck made its way all the way to Wayne, America last Wed., so I obviously needed to review this rare gem.

If you’ve caught on to who I am by now, you should know I’m all about the small hidden restaurants that often get over looked.

This food truck is making its way to being known by my heart, everyone in Nebraska and other states as well. Two college students started this cod fish truck in Wyoming and now have trucks in Colorado and Utah, as well as Nebraska. At the beginning of the week they post on their Facebook where their state truck will be stationed, and Wayne had the honor of hosting this fabulous food filled truck.

I made my way to the small parking lot of Pac ‘N Save and snagged my spot in line to try the all mighty fish and chips. I was greeted by a cute lookin’ fellow who asked what I wanted, silly question because they only have one thing on their menu… Alaskan cod fish and chips. I paid my $14 and stood off the side with other hungry customers while we waited. Not even five minutes had passed, and I was handed a steaming white take-out box filled with love.

Three cod fish sticks were waiting for me laying on a bed of crisp french fries. Now let me say that these were not your averaged sized fish sticks, they were big, fat and juicy. The sticks were as long as my hand reaching from the tip of the middle finger to the edge of my palm, not to mention that I could only grasp one at a time (yes, I palmed the fish sticks in my hand just for measure reference).

The outside was crispy, but the steamy meat crumpled into your mouth after taking a bite. Let’s talk flavors, I don’t know my fish very well, but this was pretty darn fantastic and about as fresh as it gets. It was a tad greasy for my taste, but it’s fish, what do you expect?

The Alaskan cod fish was partnered with their signature sriracha mayo sauce along with their tartar sauce and ketchup packets. Their sriracha mayo had a hint of spice when first entered into the pie hole, but the after taste was full on fire for me, but I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy foods.

I wanted so bad to love it, I ate a whole entire fish strip with it and the flavor was amazing, but the spice was too much for me. I loved the flavor just wished it was a little less spicy. I’m more of a tartar sauce girl anyways and it was the perfect pair for the fish, just your average tartar sauce making love to the perfect cod fish. Now onto the fries. They were a beautiful golden brown and a tad thicker which I like in a guy…I mean fry. The fries had the perfect crispness which is essential to a good meal partner. They were a perfect match to the fish.

This basket is not for the faint of heart because it is immense, but with my stomach anything is possible, and I crushed it. I hope “On the Hook” will make their way back to Wayne sometime soon, or I might have to road trip to their next location in Nebraska. The price wasn’t bad for the whopping amount of food you got, I’d probably pay more for fish like that. Nine out of ten in my books, codn’t be better!