Strung out, verging on burnout

Jacob Stewart, Columnist

Rum Brain Moe has made it clear that he’s no longer working as my psychiatrist. He believes that I’m too far gone. A junkie lost to the maddening drug that is political writing. The man is right, readers. It seems impossible for me to stop, each article serving as nothing more than a searing attack in the Jean Paul Marat style of journalism, famous in the chaos of the French Revolution. I am fortunate that Rum has agreed to stay on as my friend, and while I can no longer go to him to help make sense of my mind, I am still able to retain his services as a bodyguard, which is quite an invaluable necessity in my life.

Yes, I am blessed to have a witch doctor by my side, his voodoo dolls at the ready in case I ever feel like I am in danger. The same cannot be said for the students in Lincoln. They are truly in need of Rum’s bizarre talents seeing as how a white nationalist by the name of Daniel Kleve, one of the many demented individuals who took part in the march and subsequent violence at Charlottesville, is a member of the student body, and is currently an untouchable threat due to the inability of UNL’s administration to remove the menace who has proclaimed himself as the most active white supremacist in Nebraska.

With a title like that, I’m getting ugly flashbacks to the documentaries I used to watch in my youth. Black and white shots of the blitzkrieg through Poland, and later the low countries, all the way to the streets of Paris, and good lord, readers, do we really need a repeat of that ugly moment in our history?

I’d recommend going to Its- to investigate the story for yourselves, and believe me, it’s a disturbing subject.

Indeed, anything dealing with the neo-Nazi movement is disturbing, but the fact that we’re still dealing with them is the worst aspect of this whole thing. College and university administrations won’t kick them to the curb, and even our president has called them decent people, providing them with a shield in which to hide under. We’re lost in what the gonzo master, Hunter S. Thompson, referred to as a “blizzard of shame,” and we only have ourselves to blame.

I wish I could say that this was just coming from my own cynical mind, but sadly, it is a fact that was born out of the ideals that made America a democratic superpower.

We live by the concept of free speech, but this isn’t supposed to apply when there is a clear and present danger behind the words. Yet here we are, allowing the brainwashed legion of a beaten society threaten those they see as lesser peoples, unfit to live in what they believe as a “perfect society.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It seems to be the curse of mankind as our better angels fade, leaving only the brutes to persevere.