Go ‘Cats

Jayme Dubas, Guest Writer

Wayne State College was my dream college in high school. I knew since
my freshman year that this was the college that fit my lifestyle. Thus, homecoming at Wayne State means a lot to me.

My first two years of college I played the tenor saxophone in the Pride of Wayne State, the marching band. We marched in the parade and
played at every home football game.

Homecoming is the time of year that parents and alumni make a special
trip up to the campus to view the activities and the football game. I enjoy watching the entire community get involved with the window
painting down town, and all the chalk on the sidewalks as I walk between classes on campus.

There have been many traditions that I hear alumni talk about over and over again. Also I enjoy some of the more recent traditions that have started, like Mr. WSC. It is always a good time to go watch college men try to make the audience laugh by doing some of the ridiculous acts on the stage.

This is a week that there is something to do on campus every night
This year the various groups on campus really stepped it up with the
hypnotist and the lip sync battle.

Homecoming is always something I will hold dear to my heart as a Wildcat. Cheer on the football team loud this Saturday as the host Southwest Minnesota State. GO ’CATS!!